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Movies and the motive behind the DC reboot

You have seen the movie now here’s the comic, the other big motive behind the DC reboot.

The recent announcement of a rebooting and renumbered post Flashpoint DC universe, has brought a mix of emotions from cautious interest to outright rage. To me this represents a last desperate throw of the dice from Dan DiDio, Jim Lee, Diane Nelson, Geoff Jones and many of the DC brain trust. To increase DC’s market share and make the vital leap from number two to number one superhero comic company.

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What does the DC relaunch mean to me?

The full list of 52 relaunched DC titles has been announced.

I’m of two minds about this relaunch. Even the term relaunch doesn’t seem to be wholly appropriate. This really appears to be a reboot in a lot of ways. I would hope that reboot is a dirty word among media companies, but the constant rebooting of movies and TV shows over the last decade are testament to the fact that it’s more of a buzzword than a dirty word. And DC Comics is owned by Time Warner, so I would have expected them to embrace the term.

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DC Comics to release combo packs in their reboot

Another announcement has been made about DC Comics‘ big reboot in September. As we’ve mentioned, the entire DC Universe is being rebooted and started again with #1 issues across the board.

The motivation seems to be the desire for a multipass into the 21st century. As well as releasing dead tree and digital copies of all their comics, DC are going a step further and releasing combo packs. The one thing that immediately strikes me is that they’re going back to their US$3.99 price point for the comics. I’m pretty sure they had promised to move all the main titles to $2.99, but that’s the thing about reboots. You kind of start again.

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DC Comics Reboots the Universe

So in the spirit of Level One being rebooted…

In the world of superhero comics, two things are certain. Death isn’t a permanent state, and titles will be rebooted frequently. But nothing quite matches the sheer scale of DC Comics’ recent announcement.

Starting in September, they are rebooting 52 titles across the entire DC Universe line. Well, technically, the first — Justice League — is on August 31st. Perhaps reboot is too strong a word. Renumbering is the term they’re using consistently, but there are going to be a lot of changes. Costumes are being redesigned, origins are being modernised, and in general, it is for all intents and purposes a fairly complete reboot.

This is a pretty risky move on DC’s part, and one that will either pay off in dividends, or one that will utterly destroy them. One of the drivers seems to be aligning the declining print line with electronic comics. Amazon have announced that they are now selling more ebooks than paper books, so this is where things will move for traditional publishers who still want to stay in business.

In fact, it’s making me think about getting back into DC. I simply can’t afford to read all Marvel and DC comics, not to mention all the non-superhero stuff I read (or rather, have piling up unread for lack of time). If the ebook versions of DC’s new line are significantly cheaper than the dead tree editions, then I’ll definitely start picking some up. Even though I love the fact that I need an entire room for my current comic collection, moving house is a pain in the shitter.