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DiRT 3 Review

I’ve been a long time fan of the original Colin McRae rally games. After his death, the game franchise was renamed to Colin McRae: Dirt, because that really is what rallying is about. Sure some of it happens on tarmac, but the real fun is in the dirt, the snow, and the mud. In the 3rd installment of Dirt, they’ve dropped McRae’s name altogether. The first Dirt introduced a variety of off-road types of racing — buggies, stadium trucks, and Pike’s Peak hillclimb events.

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Catwoman to be a playable character in Batman: Arkham City

Rocksteady Studios, the developers of Batman: Arkham City, have released a new trailer for the game. This video shows off Catwoman as a playable character. The aim is to allow players to walk down the darker side of Gotham, as Catwoman isn’t a goody two-shoes like old Bats.

After seeing the original trailer, I was sold. Although I’ve never played the prequel Arkham Asylum, I went around hunting for it today. It’s gone Platinum, but every single store in the city has sold out. If the original trailer didn’t make you want to drop your pants, this one certainly will.

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Duke Nukem Forever Launch Trailer released [NSFW]

The game that has taken over 14 years in development may finally see the light of day within the next two weeks. Release dates are between June 10 and 14 depending on where in the world you are. Of course, I won’t believe it until I see a copy in my hands. I’m not that frakkin gullible.

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The Diablo III announcement anniversary is later this month

On June 28, 2008, the official announcement for Diablo III was made by Blizzard.

In a few weeks time, we will celebrate the 3rd anniversary of this announcement. No, not the release of the game. The announcement.

Hello? I sincerely hope Blizzard aren’t trying to outdo Duke Nukem’s vapourware precedent.